Gummy Wax / Gel

Gummy Wax / Gel

Gummy Styling wax

Gummy styling wax is made to create a natural texture with a "firm hold" and a long lasting matte effect !! Gummy wax knows how to keep hair fresh and natural for a long time.
The wax can be used for both dry and damp hair. Gummy wax is also ideal for applying in short and medium hair types. Rub the desired amount in your palms and then apply this in the hair to create the desired style / look.

What types of gummy wax do you have?

Gummy wax has 7 types of wax and 5 types of gel. The best of Gummy styling waxing are: Gummy matte, Hard Finish, Matte Finish, Bright Finish, Casual Look, Extra Glossy and Ultra Hold. In addition to retail sales, we are also the wholesaler of gummy wax.


Wholesale Gummy wax

Are you looking for a wholesaler in gummy wax or RedOne wax? has it all with sharp low prices, fast delivery and excellent service. You can buy Gummy wax in any hair salon, but delivers it in 24 hours. Gummy wax is a good quality product with a nice scent. Each wax has its own fragrance a style. There is a separate wax for each type of hair.

New wax

Recently, 3 new gummy wax have been presented: Casual look, Ultra hold and Extra glossy.

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