Gummy wax for a perfect day

Gummy wax for a perfect day

Fonex gummy wax is the ideal hair wax for maximum hold & an extreme look with a matt effect. Also perfect for people with dry, brittle and unmanageable hair.

Contains Keratin and vitamin B5. And no alcohol.

Fonex Gummy Wax Matte with keratin has a pleasant smell. sells different Gummy wax. Order quickly at

Why is Gummy wax popular in the Netherlands?

Gummy wax has been available in the Netherlands for a few years and is very popular among young people. It is not strange, because Gummy wax lasts and takes care of your hair thanks to keratin that is in it. Offer your hair a natural expression and vibrant look.


How do you use the Gummy wax?

Apply desired amount of wax on dry hair. Massage it through your hair. it works through your hair.
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