Nature soap

Nature soap

Natural soap!

Natural soap is made by hand. This specialized formulated soap contains the natural and rejuvenating properties for skin and cell renewal.

The soap is a true sensation for the skin and all the senses. The mild soap thoroughly cleanses the face and body and monitors the balance of the skin. compiles its soap itself and has it manually made in palm oil with palm oil. is a daughter of who also sells these soaps. No synthetic ingredients such as perfume are added in these soaps. That is why people who suffer from acne can use these soaps.

Natural soap that we sell is unique, because compiles its own ingredients. We visited various soap manufacturers in the Philippines and ultimately chose the best. They were not the cheapest either. However, with us the quality goes above all else. Hygiene and working conditions for the workers was also a criteria for us. We did not want child labor, normal working hours and working conditions. We also played this part in our decision.

Nice result

Natural soaps that we received were beautiful handicrafts of many women and we are proud of that. We have not put a natural product on the market, but we also save our environment. Finally, we also helped people in need with our soaps.

GlutaMAX Glutamax

GlutaMAX Glutamax

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