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Kojie-San Value pack with 3 pack Skin Lightening soap 65 g, lightening Face cream 30 g and lightening Body Lotion, 100 ml. Three fantastic products for beautiful skin!

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Kojie-San Advantage package with 3 pack Skin Lightening soap 65 g, lightening Face cream 30 g and lightening Body Lotion 100 ml. Three fantastic products for beautiful skin!

Kojie San products with natural Kojic Acid: against pigmentation spots, for a light, even, radiant skin!

Kojic Acid is a 100% natural substance. Kojic Acid was discovered in Japan. It is a by-product of Koji or malted rice and is used in the production of rice wine. This means that Kojic Acid is completely natural and not made by anyone or a group of scientists and dermatologists in a lab. In cosmetics, Kojic Acid is known for its smoothing effect.
Koji Acid soap contains other natural ingredients that help make Kojic Acid more effective when it comes to lightening dark spots or improving your entire complexion.

It's also good to know that Kojie San is the only manufacturer that works with rice wine. All other brands work with dried fungus mushrooms that contain Kojic Acid.

How does Kojic Acid work?
Now that you know what Kojic Acid is, you probably want to know how it works? Kojic Acid works in a quite unique and effective way, especially considering that it is all natural.
Simply put, Kojie San works to reduce the production of melanin in skin. Melanin is the substance that gives your skin pigments.

The more you have, the darker your skin. Age spots, sun spots and spots associated with melasma hyperpigmentation generally contain more melanin than the surrounding healthy skin. However, you don't have to have a skin problem to use Kojie San. Reducing the production of melanin will give your skin a lighter appearance in general.

Kojie San products, against pigmentation spots and for radiant youthful skin!

Zero Pigment Light Technology

A unique skin lightening system that effectively binds the strong ingredients to ensure they are absorbed and activated in your skin, where it is needed most. This powerful action mode works on dark spots, age spots, scars, melasma and hyperpigmentation to give you a lighter, even complexion!

Kojie-San Skin Lightening Soap with Kojic Acid

Kojie-San Skin Lightening Soap contains high-quality, all-natural Kojic Acid, which helps prevent the production of melatonin and makes the skin lighter and more radiant. Koji-San Skin lightening soap effectively reduces dark spots, freckles and stretch marks and promotes an even skin.

How to use: wet the soap and form foam. Gently massage the foam onto the skin and let it soak in for a while. Rinse with plenty of water.

Kojie San Lightening Face Cream 30 grams

Kojie San Lightening Face Cream contains an intensive care formula. It is a light, non-greasy cream. It contains a blend of natural extracts and high-quality natural Kojic Acid, which is known for its remarkable whitening effect. It helps your skin become lighter and more even and reduces the formation of dark spots. It repairs and moisturizes the skin. After cleansing the face with Kojie-San soap, apply the face cream in a circular motion.

Kojie San Body Lightening lotion, 100 grams

Kojie San Body lightening lotion contains a combination of high-quality, all-natural Kojic Acid and Rose hip oil, with a soothing and lightening effect. Do you suffer from pigment spots on your face and body? Do you want to make your skin lighter and more even? Then Kojie San whitening body lotion is the solution. Kojie San Body Lightening lotion is enriched with collogen and vitamin E, which promote healthy and youthful skin.

Apply the body lotion generously and massage in.

Note : Always try a new product on the inside of your wrist or arm first. Wait a few hours. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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